On average 80% of emails to general company email addresses never reaches the inbox of the owner or managing director and finding personal email addresses of small business (50-100 employees) owners requires lots of research effort without success in most cases.

GETTHAT.EMAIL Helps You Identify Your Appropriate Persons Personal Email Address in seconds. Say Goodbye To endles hours of Research and Being Stuck in Gatekeepers Inbox and Hello to Qualified Cold Email

Easily Upload Your Lists with Name and Website URL and Get Personal Email Adresses

Shows You Addresses Which Could Not Be Found Common Research Methods

Let You Connect With Your Appropriate Contact Directly

Increase Direct Access to Decision Makers

Reduce research time

Increase Response Rate

Finds Emails which cannot be found by common research methods

Find the Unfindable: Identify Your Contacts Email and Connect With Them Within Minutes

"Be Sure You Put Your Feet in The Right Place, Then Stand Firm"
Abraham Lincoln

  • Consider your time is worth at least 25,- to 35,- USD/per hour, you save 3 hours per month, thus 75,- to 105,- USD savings. Plus what 1 additional deal will bring you through emails you can find now what would not have been possible without GETTHAT.EMAIL.
Bootstrappers Package

$ 14.99 /month

  • 750 search credits
    (equals to 26,250 emails being validated)
  • Credits are charged outcome based
  • If you don’t love GETTHAT.EMAIL, email us and we’ll refund every penny immediately!
Start To Identify Your Contacts Email Now
  • To build a consistent pipeline you have to add at least 20 new contacts per day (I did between 35-50). That equals to minimum 40 to 60 minutes research per day sometimes without result. That sums up to 3,5 to 5 hours per week.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I trust you?

Because we are driven by honesty and creating value for our customers. If our tool does not create value for you by increasing the direct access to your relevant decision makers we will refund your payment.

Can I change my membership plan?

Currently we are offering just one plan what will change maybe in the future. In that case you can upgrade or downgrade anytime. If you upgrade or downgrade, you'll simply pay the new rate on your next billing date. You will not be charged a pro rated amount for changes made between billing cycles.

What is the refund policy?

In case your are not satisfied we will refund your payment. Please send us an email including the reason for cancellation to enable us to improve the application and hopefully can welcome you back in the future.

What’s in it for you?

We created the application from a bootstrapper for bootstrappers hence we try to keep the costs for subscritiption low. As we continually improve the application we re-invest margins back into development. Besides a financial benefit that will possibly support to feed my family and our pets it would be beautiful to see that we can help you to free up time to invest in more valuable tasks like adjusting your messaging, client interaction.

For whome does the application make sense?
The application makes sense for Bootstrappers and any kind Sales, Business Development, Recruiter and Headhunter for research, Content Marketers for outreach campaigns. It works also for gmail accounts.

What happens with my credits if I cancel my subscription?
Your account will be kept open until you used your credits. Your credtis gets used just in case you get an email address.

Why did you create that application?

While working in my dayjob in B2B Sales I joined a program called "The Foundation" with the purpose to start my own SaaS business from the scratch with no idea and no money by discovering painful problems to solve. When reaching out to my market for Idea Extraction I figured out that research in small and medium sized companies is too time consuming and for the most part brings no result what means that lots of hours for research are in vain. As I could not find a tool which worked as I wanted I decided to create GETTHAT.EMAIL and share it with others who has to perform similar tasks.

Does the product make sense for me?

If you need to research small and medium sized companies who do not present themselves in social media and on the web GETTHAT.EMAIL makes totally sense for you. In comparison to that I work with Fortune 500 companies in my job where it is quite easy to identify the syntax of the email addresses by google searches like *@companydomain.com. So if your contact is at at apple.com you’d search for *@apple.com. You usually should find any and even it might not be the person you want, you will have a format to go with. Most used are bootsy.collins@apple.com, b.collins@apple.com, collins@apple.com, bootsy@apple.com, bc@apple.com.

Why should I pick you over the competition?
Most competitors work with data scraping methodologies which is fine for large companies who are present in the web and social media. We designed GETTHAT.EMAIL for our own need to identify emails in small and medium sized companies who often times have just the general address on the website hence scraping does not work. As they are not using social media intensly we did not find any data via google searches. For these type of challenge we use a method where emails are virtually send to the recepients server to test and validate the right one out of different combinations.

And for whome not!

If looking for big companies the benefit is not so huge as google search is realitvely easy. We do not want to support spammer but people with with good intentions.